Our tariff team, Sologistics Tariff Solutions  was established to compliment our energy reduction divisions by enabling our clients to access excess any grid energy we cannot supply from solar at reduced costs. Our focus is simply to find you the cheapest tariffs we can, without you having to do any of the investigative leg work yourself. 

End to End tariff solutions

STS  brings innovation to energy management and delivers positive environmental and financial solutions for you and your business. Our team monitors the Australian electricity markets in order to capture the best opportunities based on daily market prices. It can clearly take a lot of time and mental energy to properly understand the available options with regard to energy, let alone deal with the retailers through the switching process.  Our comprehensive range of services offers an outstanding, end to end solution, you literally do nothing.

Professional Energy Brokering and Management Services

STS’s ongoing services assist you to maintain very low costs.


We can offer you advice on all aspects of the complex electricity problem. We leave nothing out and consider everything, including your unique usage patterns and billing structure. Our goal is to ensure that you NEVER pay higher prices than you have to. 


STS Services


Our tariff solutions services include:

  • Commercial and SME Energy Price Tendering

  • Utilising Buying Group Power

  • Residential Multisite Buying Groups

  • Metering and Monitoring Services (including embedded networks

  • Issue Resolution - Dedicated Ombudsmen Liaison Service (when needed)

  • 3rd Party Energy Reduction Suppliers


Following our focus on your lighting improvements and your renewable energy solution we then turn our attention to ensuring you are able to benefit from genuinely cheap tariffs.